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Product Details for B.Dolan - Missed the Merch Booth - Merch Bundle

Did you miss the Merch booth at the Shows? Here is your essential bundle if you did.

‘Milkshaking’ is a hip new craze sweeping the UK, wherein activist citizens have made the ultimate sacrifice: throwing a milkshake—often one they were previously hoping to drink—at a racist arsehole fearmonger to make them look ridiculous.

B. Dolan and Mr. Heggie enthusiastically approve this idea,and present this design as further encouragement to get it Shakin’! This limited run of shirts will be available exclusively through HOUSE OF BEES UK, and at the merch table on the upcoming EPIC BEARD MEN UK Tour (dates and details at: http://bit.ly/EBM-UK19)
Fresh for 2019! The first UK drop of EPIC BEARD MEN (Sage Francis + B. Dolan) gear is finally HERE!

You seem to call them 'Rapper Caps' which is typically adorable. Whatever you call them: 40 Limited Edition Epic Beard Men (Sage Francis + B. Dolan)
caps are now available in FlexFit sizes, post-tour! If you missed these at the merch booth, now's your chance to grab them before they're gone!

This cap features:
White EPIC BEARD MEN Logo embroidered on Black Flex Fitted Cap
Orders for this product page will receive:
1x EBM "This Was Supposed To Be Fun" COMET COLLISION Yellow/White/Gold Splatter Vinyl L- SIGNED by Sage Francis + B. Dolan!
1x EBM "This Was Supposed To Be Fun" MP3 Download
This Was Supposed to Be Fun, the debut LP (and second of?cial offering) from EPIC BEARD MEN, is an indie-rap tour de force by two of the underground's ?nest; Sage Francis and B. Dolan.

This album knocks. It parties with disreputable outlaws in truck stops. It blends the classic sounds of breakbeats and timeless drum machines with soul grooves and sub bass. Guitars, violins, and a goddamn brass band have sat in before the party's over. On the vocal side of things, more than a few lyrical heavyweights drop in to take their turn on the mics.

Slug of Atmosphere joins the gang in some NC-17 fun, as Sage and B. are soulfully backed by Blue Raspberry (Wu-Tang Clan) on the road-noir tale "Pistol Dave".
Eligh of Living Legends and South African newcomer Yugen Blakrok contribute blistering verses, while New Orleans Bounce legend Vockah Redu, vocalist Kathleen Stubelek of Circle Takes the Square, and San Antonio upstart Worldwide contribute brilliant supporting turns.

Throughout 50 minutes of intricately produced rap music, the duo of storied rapper/poets wander freely and set ?res like the latchkey kids they once were. This Was Supposed to Be Fun, but that doesn't mean either emcee has shied away from their signature blend of the personal and political; topics range from the absurd to the unshakably true. EBM are two rap greybeards who aren't afraid to swing freely from dead-serious to wryly hilarious.

01 Hours & Minutes
02 Sand Dunes
03 Pistol Dave (ft. Slug)
04 Circle the Wagons
05 Shin Splints
06 You Can’t Tell Me Shit
07 Hedges
08 Take A Break (ft. Vockah Redu)
09 The Chill is Gone
10 Man Overboard
11 Crumbs in Every Bag (ft. Eligh)
12 Foresight (ft. Yugen Blakrok)

Watch the "PISTOL DAVE" video, which was animated by Wasaru and premiered on ADULT SWIM earlier this year!

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