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Product Details for B.Dolan - EPIC BEARD MEN – SEASON 1 - CD

1 Five Hearts
Beat by Le Parasite
Additional Synth Programming by Adam Schneider
Outtro Chiptune by Adam Schneider
Additional vocal by Kalyn Heffernan of Wheelchair Sports Camp

02 Shotgun Gulf
Beat by Cecil Otter

03 Two Different Worlds
Beat by Swab
Mixed by DS3K
Scratches by Swab

04 Not Ur Uber
Beat by Sage Francis
Scratches by Swab and DJ Pain 1

Beat by Swab
Scratches by Swab

06 Fresh to Death (feat. Dope KNife)
Beat by Alias

07 Space Ghettos
Beat by Reanimator
Scratches by Mr. Dibbs

08 Dumb Ass Kids
Beat by B. Dolan
Beat tracked and mixed by DS3K
Additional synth programming by Adam Schneider
Scratches by Swab


09 War On Christmas
Beat by B. Dolan.
Additional synth programming, mixing and mastering by DS3k
Additional synth and guitars by Adam Schneider
Intro vocal by Kathleen Stubelek

10 House of Bees
Beat by Buck 65
Originally released in 2009 on Sage Francis’ “Sick of Wasting” mixtape

11 2Bad
Beat and scratches by Buddy Peace
Originally released in 2012 on B. Dolan’s “House of Bees, Vol 2” mixtape

12 You Can’t Win
Beat by Buddy Peace
Mixed by DS3k
Originally released in 2013 on Sage Francis’ “Sick to D(eat)h” mixtape

Except where noted, vocals and writing for all songs by Sage Francis for Sage Francis Publishing (ASCAP) and B. Dolan for Bear Heart & The Spare Parts (ASCAP.)
All songs mixed by Alias and mastered by Daddy Kev.
Cover art by Chris. B. Murray. Layout by Storm Davis.

Sage Francis and B. Dolan would like to send love to the following beardos:

Everyone listed in the sound credits of this EP...infinite appreciation! The whole Strange Famous massive. Our family and friends who continue to tolerate our relentless pursuit of childhood dreams. Storm Davis, Pat Jensen, Danny Brown, Hugo Lopez, Peter Agoston, Gumshoe Films, Kyle Eustice, Cory Santilli, Jay Brown, Johnny Sevigne, A. D. Zyne, Stephen Mitchell, Samuel Gehrke, Superhero-Studios, Allan McKernan, Buck 65, Barry and Helen Crimmins, Daniel Madison, Inkymole, Jamie Elder, RSE, Scroobius Pip & Speech Development Records, Doomtree, ClassSick Custom, Matt Rego, Kathleen Stubelek, and Pistol Dave. Apologies to the hundreds of people we're surely forgetting. Thanks for nothing I guess!


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